Customized Lapel Pins

Cloissone Do you want to promote your business? Do you want customers to notice your products even more? Do you wish to earn a profit from your selling? Then you should have lapel pins for your advertising.

Lapel pins are good for embellishment and promoting your products. They attract customers with their color and quality. They aren’t disposable therefore, they may be used as decorations on bags or hats or even be recycled.

For you easy reference, let us get to know the different types of lapel pins. This way, it will be more convenient for you to pick the perfect one for your business.

  1. Cloissone pins – these pins are made with a copper-bronze surface. Manufacture of such includes a special dye to fill in the chosen colors for your pin. They are set in place with extreme heat and then polished for finalization. They are best used for fans who are devoted to their favorite sports team;
  1. Enamel pins – from the word itself, these pins are struck with enamel paint while under construction. They are then put under low heat in order to preserve the shiny appearance. They are best used for simple colors that are needed to be cleanly separated on the pin;
  1. Dye struck pins – these pins are made with all-metal materials. They are engraved with the chosen seal and finished with clear-cut edges. The final product is the look of elegance and style which best suits awarding of ceremonies or medals;
  1. Offset digital pins – technology used at its finest. These pins are digitally printed which looks fine and clear that somehow resembles a photograph. It is thick and sturdy, with printed seal on the brass. It is finished with a special coating which polishes the product. It is best used for personal seals or favorite bands;
  1. Photo etched pins – these pins are similar as that of cloisonné pins but are lighter and easier to wear. Detailed designs can be made with this type of pin because of computer work. They are guaranteed durable and high-quality;
  1. Silk Screen pins – multi-colored designs or logos are best engraved on these pins. They are filled with the specific colors of your seal and finished with silkscreen. Company logos or causes are suggested to choose this type of pin because of its quality and clean look.

pingsSome lapel pins also come with certain attachments. Some of these additional items are Blinker pins, which have tiny L.E.D. lights that are battery-powered; Bobble -head type which are two parts of a design that is attached to the pin allowing it to move back and forth giving it that bobbling movement; Dangler type which is also two parts of a design but with a hanging date or name for the consumer’s specified design; Glitter type; Slider type which allows the buyer to slide one design to show another; Spinner type which has a secondary pin that rotates and lastly is a Collector’s pin bag which allows the consumer to place all their purchased pins in one stylish baggage.

CloissoneNow that you have a detailed idea of the types of lapel pins and their attachments, it will be easier for you to choose the ideal one for your business. The best part is you may get a free quote from the official site. You may also contact them if you other more queries you would like to clarify. Prices are specifically indicated in tables per type of pin. They are ordered by bulk starting from 100 pieces up to 10,000 pieces. The sizes of the pins are also indicated for your convenience.

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